My new Shadow Box

It’s the Spindletop Oil Gusher.  Did not get quite the 3-D effect I had hoped for, but picture does not do it justice. Oil looks really oily.


Ok what is it?

Sweet Orange Peppers stuffed with meat and cheese, and served in a Cheese and sweet balsamic vinegar sauce.


I whipped it up in 40 minutes.

Beautiful Music from the past

I grew up in Louisiana in the 1960-70′s. We had a kind of music called swamp pop. It was characterized by simple lyrics and a melody having one of only three or four types of back beats.  Here is a great example from a band I used to dance to. Little Bob and the Lollipops.



Antique Car and Tractor show and shootout!

Hi, This Saturday 3/30 I went to Sealy Texas, a little town just west of Houston. There I saw a little parade and a shootout between local lawmen and the Clyde Barrow gang. I also participated in a home made pie tasting contest. YUMMM!


Here are some photos.

here is a Willis Jeep


ford fairlane










A 1950' s Chevy Impala


an ancient John Deere







the gangster car








the Bonnie and Clyde Gang


and the Lawmen

My New Shadow Box

This is an antique Fire Engine, my second one. The photo is of an old pharmacy in New Roads, La. I make several of these shadow boxes. If you want to see more samples of my pictures and art you can click here.



A few thoughts on the new college football season

Les Miles is a witch! I don’t think he really needs a quarterback to win games.

Baylor’s Robert Griffith III is the most exciting player to watch in football right now. He has to be in the Heisman discussion. They call him RG3 which sounds like a Star Wars character.

God hates Notre Dame. Every year is supposed to be the year they move ahead, but they can’t even beat a strong, but unranked South Florida team in the season opener. Not sure if it gets any better for them either.

Houston Cougars are looking strong. I guess it helps to have a QB in his sixth year of college.

Ohio State won’t be missing Tyrrelle Pryor very much. Joe Bauserman looks awful good.

I heard several sports reporters picking Georgia to win the SEC. Not likely, unless they get a whole lot better. Boise State embarrassed them. Granted Boise State might have the most complete offense in College ball right now.

Did I mention that Les Miles is a freaking witch!

Why did we lose our AAA credit rating?

Speaking strictly, if all one uses is the metric of ability to meet obligations then the USA should not have had it’s credit rating downgraded. But if one uses the more subjective metric of direction, then we did deserve it.

What is meant by direction? Well, just as though we were a company drowning in debt, the creditors of that company would want to know what the company executives were doing about the debt. Did they have a plan to pay it off, or were they just borrowing more? What direction were they headed?

Anyone can see that we are headed in the wrong direction.

So now come the spin from the party in power and the administration, it is not a shock to see that they blame everyone but themselves. Most notably the villains of the day are the teaparty.

Sure, let’s blame the only people who have been trying to do something about this massive debt, lets not blame the people who added a trillion and a half of purely EXTRA spending in the last two years!

I don’t think a lot of people will fall for that.

Chicken Fried Bacon !

Here is chicken fried bacon, and appetizer at a resturant called Sodulac’s in a town called (I kid you not) Snook Texas. That’s Snook, not Snooki.

Here is the judgement, It was good, not greasy at all. But, not really as good as the Chicken Fried steak. Which was not really up to East Texas standards anyway. (could have been more spicy). So, it was interesting to be abel to say that I tried it. but not really worth going out of your way for.


A New Shadow Box.

Here is my latest shadow box. I make trains, old automobiles, old farm equipment, maybe next I will try doing an antique army tank.




















So Much Beauty, so much mess

Here are two pictures of a beautiful duck pond That I took here in Houston.  What makes this interesting? …











duckpond2what makes it interesting is that this is the entrance to the Transoceanic Corporation. You know the same guys who built the BP oil well that destroyed the Gulf of Mexico!